Alpha Capital is an investment company for contrarian investors based on value investing philosophy. We take a long-term perspective on our investments & our primary objective is to grow our assets exponentially over the long term. We value investments that have strong growth potential based on its internal and external standings. We also seek to mobilize our investments in a manner that will make a strong contribution to the economic growth and prosperity of Nepal. The company's major portfolio consist of subsidiary companies & investee companies.


Our Vision

To become the most admired Investment Company in Nepal.


Our Mission

To compound returns for our shareholders generating positive alpha through rational investment decisions.


Core Purpose

To inspire and enrich the lives we touch.


  • Be focused on your mission
  • Build aspirations
  • Do not talk the talk, walk the talk
  • Create team for growth, I can't team can
  • Be honest with yourself, your work and your nation


  • Compounding investments
    We believe in letting the compounding engine grow our wealth with a long term horizon in mind.
  • Don’t lose money
    When the markets don't go our way, minimizing the risk of permanent loss of capital becomes imperative. We believe capital preservation is essential so that when we come out the other side, we are in a position to correct our mistakes.
  • Contrarian approach
    When Mr. Market goes to either extreme of irrationality; at times widely optimistic and euphoric and other times morbidly pessimistic, we follow the wise old value investing tenant of  “Buy when others are fearful and sell when others are greedy”.
  • Asset class diversification
    We recognize that there is more than one vessel for wealth creation, hence we put our money to use by leveraging multiple asset classes.
  • Quality companies
    Only high-quality business operations, management, and moats survive the brutal capitalism and competitive business environment. When investing we look for such companies that check all of the boxes of our "Quality Business" criteria.
  • Growth Companies
    We look for high-quality businesses that can grow and outperform the competitors and the overall market over time because of their future potential. These are the ones that have the possibility of becoming high-quality compounders.
  • Lasting value
    We look for investments that can stand the test of time. Only the companies with long-term relevance of business and the ability to extend competitive advantage period will be able to sustain the growth momentum for long periods.
  • Look for bargains
    However good a company behind a stock, the management behind a venture or a real estate property might be, unless we buy it at bargain prices, we limit the upside from that investment. Hence, we at our core are bargain hunters, and the "Margin of Safety" is our investment weapon.

Panipokhari-3, Kathmandu, Nepal